Dragons & Princesses

money-making game for Second Life

May 21st
Give your D&P HUD to new players and get 10% commission!
May 1st
New HUD has been released. Revamped and with 2x higher payments!
Oct 14th
Earn money by helping residents playing Dragons&Princesses!
Oct 1st
Dragons&Princesses are officially launched!

Welcome to Dragons & Princesses!

Dragons & Princesses is a game designed for Second Life residents to earn money, entertain and communicate with other players. From the business owner's point of view D&P is the source of clean parcel traffic!

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The beginning

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Many years ago, the Dragons were the the most malicious and evil creatures around. Ancient skillful Wizards were protecting the people and fighting off dragons.

Finally, the great battle of Dragons and Mages occurred, and Wizards won the battle. They combined their power and abilities to defeat Dragons and lock them up in the parallel dimension...

The peace was restored, and threat was eliminated for centuries.

Dragons are raging back

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The world forgot about Dragons. Years passed, and power of protective spells were slowly decreasing.

Trying to breach into our dimension over and over, Dragons finally discovered the weak points. After successfully breaking the barrier and working their way back into our dimension, who will protect the people?...

The new heroes

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The old powerful and experienced Overlord have gone. You are one of the new uprising Wizards who will be given the power to defeat the dragons for good.

Locate the places of the danger, occupy crystals, strengthen the reality rifts and get more experienced to fight the Dragons. Earn rewards from the thankful people and win the love of beautiful princesses!

Hurry, before time runs out... (Get your HUD here!)

For players >>

Dragons & Princesses is a game designed for Second Life residents to earn completely FREE L$, entertain and communicate with other players. Each player wears the free game HUD which helps with teleporting to the available game locations.

Dragons & Princesses pays you for every minute you spend playing!

Playing the game

Each game requires 1 or more players. Players teleport to the game location, touch the special objects (Rifts), and stay for the time required by the game (the time depends on location).

Earning money and experience

Players receive money and experience points after completing each game. The earnings and points amount depend on the game duration, player's level and other factors.


Each player starts at Level 1 ("Novice") and gains new levels by playing games, the higher levels pay more money and give access to advanced games. Click here for more info on levels.

How to start

  1. Get the Dragons HUD for free here: visit SL Marketplace
  2. Wear the HUD and click "Start" button

More info for players | For advertisers >>

Dragons & Princesses provides advertisers with a clean traffic: Second Life residents who stay in a parcel for required amount of time.

The traffic flow is non-unique (you may get the same people visiting you again), but consists of real, non-bot residents only.

See the graph below for up-to-date details on what the players have achieved for advertisers...

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Dragons & Princesses is a completely TOS-compliant game, the price is only L$0.3-0.4 per visitor. Unlike other traffic games (which are often boring to play), D&P has its own story and players' advancements. D&P entertains visitors with an interesting story line rather than forcing them to stay in a parcel for a long period of time.

Setting up the game

The setup is very easy, no signup required:

  1. Get the Advertisers Pack and rez the game server it on your land.
  2. Setup server using pop-up menu (the number of visitors, the time limits).
  3. Rez Rifts (the special objects for players to find in a parcel).
  4. Start the game.
  5. Watch your traffic increase!

Players will start arriving to the location, and stay to play the game.

Free to try

You will receive a L$100 balance to test Dragons & Princesses for free and see if this program suits your needs.

To proceed reading information for advertisers, click here.

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